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Broad Market Core Plus

Investment Process
Most of our active management focuses on individual security selection and sector diversification. To select individual securities, we use a fundamental, quantitative analysis of relative value that calculates the "true economic value" of securities. The securities that represent the best values relative to alternatives and comply with the client's investment guidelines may then be purchased. Conversely, the securities that do not represent fair relative values will be considered for sale. This valuation process ensures that we constantly monitor new ideas and existing holdings, and maximize relative performance.

We base sector emphasis on a combination of bottom-up and top-down factors. We maintain strategic ranges to ensure that portfolios are well diversified. Our research and investment experience reinforces our belief that a strategic allocation across all spread sectors in a broad market mandate enhances returns while reducing risk. Sector emphasis is a result of the investment process rather than a target. This bottom-up approach to actively managing portfolios is a crucial element in adding value over the long term.

Investment Universe
Portfolios are well diversified among non-U.S. Treasury sectors including corporate bonds, taxable municipals, mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities. We also invest in high yield securities with the emphasis on B-rated securities or better. Performance is typically measured against the Barclays Capital Aggregate Index with the overall duration generally kept between +/-10% of the duration of the benchmark.

Investment Strategies

 U.S. Equity
 U.S. Fixed Income
 Global Credit
          Global Equity
 Impact Investing
 Liquidity Management

Financial Advisors

Our global investment solutions include mutual funds to provide access to institutional quality asset managers.


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Our Consultant Relations team seeks to provide consultants with research and tailored expertise to solve the complex challenges their clients face.



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RBC GAM Institute delivers the proprietary research, global expertise and unique perspective of our investment professionals to the marketplace.


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